Total-Hair-Experts, Curvaceous Locks Styling Wand

I was recently lucky enough to receive a “Curvaceous Locks Styling Wand” from Total-Hair-Experts’ new range exclusively for Tesco.

I have to say that it was the best hair styler I’ve ever used!  I was going out to a party and I curled my hair before I left, my hair’s really long and thick but the curl looked great and stayed really well.  I wore them again the next day.  The curler heated up really quickly and was a good size, it took me about twenty minutes to achieve the look below but if you were in a rush just doing a few larger curls would work as well.

They say:  “With a ceramic-coated barrel for fabulously shiny results, an advanced digital variable heat control and an ultra long, conical barrel you’ll get perfectly beautiful curls every time, even on longer hair. With just 30-seconds from cold
to ready, a cool tip, protective glove and 1-hour automatic switch off it’s as safe as it is easy to use.” – and I totally agree!

On the box there are some style ideas, and it came with a style book as well, so if you’re new to this kind of styling wand then it’s easy to use.  The brand recently held a launch party, featured in the daily mail online:


Today was my little sister’s birthday, she was so excited this morning when she opened her presents, ah bless:)  Anyway, my mum and dad bought her a Nikon Coolpix camera and I bought the memory card, practical present, I know.  We went out for dinner and she took this picture for my “outfit of the day” post.  My jeans were really cheap and they’re from Primark.  My t-shirt is from H&M, I got it a while ago.  Deep reds are one of the key colours for A/W so I was pleased with that little incorporation and then my oversized blazer… I love the size and the colour, kind of military inspired I guess.  I did some rummaging in my mum’s wardrobe so it belongs to her, she got it forever ago…

I prefered the black and white picture so
COLOURS: top- burgundy
jeans- dark wash denim
jacket- dark olive/ khaki green


I am utterly and completely 100% head over heels for textures. Crushed velvet, wool, lace and fur (faux of course!) are everywhere. As well as having extreme cosiness properties they look AWESOME when piled on top of each other on a cold September day. Mixing up colours, textures and fabrics  is the best way to wear this look, its easy as that. Pictured below are some of my favourite textured trends from Topshop’s tumblr.

Fuzzy socks? Warm toes and stylish footwear? Yes please.


Paisley. Something I formerly placed in the pile of ‘headache causing patterns’ is now something I just can’t seem to get enough of. Ever since its reappearance on the catwalk this summer it’s been BIG. It’s a great pattern for A/W but not in the oranges and fuchsias we’ve seen so far this year. Look for darker autumnal colours in your paisley patterned items this Autumn in tailored or oversized trousers and shirts.

This shirt is on sale for £28 from What’s not to love?

Trousers from are a total steal for just £20.

Hello soldier…

This Autumn fashion has gone military, literally. Camouflage knitwear, jackets and army inspired pieces are popping up everywhere! Don’t worry though, you don’t have to go to the extremes to wear this trend although I do rather like this topshop jumper…

This khaki Milano skater skirt from topshop is a fantastic colour and creates an instant waist.

Just incorporating the colour khaki is a really easy way to look on trend…

This khaki shirt from topshop is oversized and khaki. What’s not to love?

Nail polish…

This week I’ve been wearing Revlon’s “Vixen” on my nails. It’s a deep red or burgundy kind of shade and I love it oh so much! I seem to have released my inner vampire this season and can’t get enough of the gothic trend! Anyway, here’s a picture and it’s shade number 570.

A/W 2012….

As summer fades away for another year I think we can all put away the shorts and sundresses safe in the knowledge that we are now heading into the Autumn. And with the turn in the season comes a whole new variety of trends. I’ll be blogging and updating my wardrobe with the trends and styles as they come and go throughout the season but I thought I’d put together a quick overview of some of my favourite styles that are starting to crop up…

Layering is a fantastic way to keep your expenditure down by teaming your new pieces with some of your old favourites. Be bold and use various prints, textures and palettes or keep it cool and neutral, it’s up to you!

I think I’ve mentioned it before but one of my favourite phrases “go big or go home”,  springs to mind here. Over-sized jackets, jumpers, shirts, blouses and coats are cosy and comfortable but also right on trend for winter. Teamed with leggings or skinny jeans and you’re good to go.

Cobalt and purple are the main colours that will be incorporated into a lot of high street fashions this A/W. Both are an easy to wear statement colour.

Various different textures are hot this season, oriental patterned silk or contrastingly tweed, corduroy and leather will be hot so keep an eye out and grab pieces that add a bit of texture to your wardrobe.

I love the colours, textures and layers in this picture and the oversized jacket it’s so autumnal and gorgeous!

Mellow Yellow…

The colour yellow is brightening up many a fashionistas’ wardrobe this spring/summer. Wearing yellow can sometimes seem daunting as it is a very bright, bold colour but with a variety of shades out there from lemon to mustard there’s a yellow garment out there for everyone! A pop of colour can completely freshen up your look, handbags, sunglasses or a belt could offer a bit of wearable sunshine or even a simple yellow tee. Pastel hues look fantastic in denim shorts or blazers so go out there and get some yellow in your life! x

Yellow was all over the spring/summer catwalks, the trend has certainly taken off amongst celebrities this season x

Another pop of yellow to this glam outfit with a clutch. x

This yellow ensemble worn by Kirsten looks so put together, the detailing and pattern on the cropped trousers adds a bit of glamour and the yellow blazer gets a huge yes from me. x

Blake lively was looking her usual, fashionable self last week on set for Gossip Girl in New York. Wearing a beaded top and floral skirt she added a pop of colour to her outfit with a lemon yellow handbag x

How short is short?

This season we have seen dress hem lines dropping and shorts hem lines on the rise. It is becoming increasingly fashionable to be seen wearing denim shorts well, short. These tiny pants have been taking over the high street and now they are the thing to be wearing. I think that a distressed denim short looks great and if its cold, shorts and tights are a quick and easy way to look stylish but some seem to be taking this to the extreme where you can see a girls bum falling out of those shorts. I don’t mind the trend and am a fan of this style myself, but there is a limit to how short I would go and so I was just wondering, how short would YOU go?

I LOVE these studded vintage Levi’s but I don’t know if i would feel comfortable actually wearing them?

leather lover

Leather is big, and it has been for a while. One of THE materials this season leather garments have been cropping up not only on the catwalk but also in some of our favourite high street chains. Leather is definitely making a comeback from the 90’s and are adding a bit of rough into our wardrobes this season. For me, a studded black or grey leather jacket has to be the easiest way to pull of this look, and although they may be a bit pricy it’s a staple cover up that can be worn with skinny jeans in the winter or with pretty dresses in the summer. Leather leggings, matte or wet-look can also look amazing if you have the figure and wear them in a chic way. And just one more thing.. the leather shorts. A slightly more risky choice but perfect for a party with black tights they could look great, although personally, they’re just not my thing. So how do you like your leather?…


This stud detailing is quite bold, you could go for a more subtle look by wearing a jacket with a few studs on the shoulders or just the collar.